A Christmas Story House and Museum

Don’t miss a chance to stop at this local Ohio gem, the A Christmas Story House and Museum near the heart of downtown Cleveland. This movie madness inspired home has been fully restored to its same exact movie splendor from the 1983 classic holiday film and hosts regular tours and guests visits. A super fan of the movie, Brian Jones, decided to buy this 19th century Victorian home for $150,000 and remodel it fully for another $240,000. The funds he used to complete the project were from his ‘Red Rider Leg Lamp’ Company, a venture still fully in business today at the gift shop across the street!
Any fans of entertainment or holiday fun will love this stop with a chance to see authentic props, costumes, and behind the scenes memorabilia in the museum across the street from the house. Guests can see toys from the Higbee window, Randy’s snowsuit, Randy’s bunny suit, the classroom chalkboard, and the family car from the film. Better yet, you can touch everything in this museum, they actually encourage it! Over 5,000 guests came to the opening weekend of this cinematic neighborhood venture, including the cast of the movie themselves. Keep your eyes open for more celebrity visits and famous leg lamp gifts, "and for God sake’s Ralphie don’t shoot your eye out!"