Adventure Science Center

In 1944 as World War II rolled to an end and our Nation was, once again forward looking and hopeful, Children’s Museum of Nashville was opened in the old University of Nashville building. In 1954, the Center opened the first planetarium in Tennessee; in 1974, it moved to Fort Negley Boulevard on Old Saint Cloud Hill. The name changed through the years as well-most recently from Cumberland Science Museum to Adventure Science Center in November of 2002. Revisions and relocations aside, one thing remains the same: the Center remains true to its mission focus of creating entertaining and amazing exhibits full of interactive learning opportunities for children and adults alike! Love a good laser show? Visit Sudekum Planetarium and take in an awesome Cosmic Concert! Experience the thrill of high-performance aircraft flight or take an eerie simulated star walk through deep space; get up-close and personal with dramatic sunspots and angry solar flares or spend a day in the life of your body! Test Newton’s Law as you learn to moonwalk – how high can you jump? Ever crawl through a beating heart? Inquiring minds of all ages will not want to miss an opportunity to see why Nashville’s Adventure Science Center continues to hold its place in line as an engagingly fun-filled visitor and field trip destination.

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