Alaska Zoo

wildlife_viewing_at_alaska_zooIf you really want to get to know the area you are visiting, always go visit the local zoo. This is an excellent way to get to know the local ecosystem, the geography and the animal science, and of course the Alaska Zoo is no exception. This zoo is 25 acres full of educational fun, located on a hillside in rural Anchorage. Within the boundaries of the zoo you will see over 100 animals from 35 different species, mostly birds and mammals. It takes a typical group about 2 hours to see the entire zoo, so plan accordingly. Over 200,000 visitors each year have come to explore the gravel trails leading to natural settings, the local flora and fauna never failing to impress. In this zoo’s 45 years of service they have given countless homes to different animals and encouraged thousands of successful animal and educational programs.

Once inside the zoo you will see tons of animals, from Bald Eagles to Trumpeter Swans, Alpaca to Tibetan Yak. Explore all the different animal kingdoms and then head over to see if any of the regular adventure camps, learning programs, or field trip outreach programs are taking place. There are always fun things to do around the zoo, such as the current ‘2016 Election For Animal President’ (one I think we can all agree will end up much better than the one taking place right now) and preparation for the Halloween night bash! If you want to ensure you see it all while here then sign up for a guided tour, with several options such as teh basic Discovery tour, Guided Encounters tours, Alaska Zoo tour, or any requested private group tour. This is one fun animal-filled stop, so don’t miss it during your visit!