Amish Country Cleveland

amish country clevelandWelcome to Ohio’s own Amish Country, a unique culture in the northeast that is actually home to one of the largest Amish settlements in the world. This area, mostly within the Geauga and Tuscarawas Counties, will provide your group with ample adventure and education, a more simple area that allows you to enjoy a slower, more beautiful time. There is so much to do within this region it may be hard to know where to start, which is why we suggest either a trip to the Visitor Center or a personal ‘drive it yourself Amish Country tour’. Backroading through this area is the best, either way, the gorgeous roads providing you with some of the best shops, and best views. And if you were wondering when it is the most gorgeous, or the most fun, the answer is all the time! Each season brings new beauty and experiences. For instance, the spring means fresh syrup, summer means festivals, the fall is leaf-peeping and apple butter season, and of course, the winter is all about great local shopping opportunities and snowy scenes.

While here your group may want to be sure to bring an empty cooler, and empty stomachs, because there is so much delicious down-home food within this region it is impossible to spend any amount of time here without having a meal, and maybe packing one to go as well. Try the Amish Bakeries fry-pies, the sugar houses’ fresh maple syrup, or head to any willing home for a fresh family meal. There are several wine, cheese, and chocolate markets as well,plus the highly popular Middlefield Market’s Monday line auctions. Enjoy shopping at Sugarcreek, the ‘Little Switzerland’ of the area, see a musical at the Carlisle Inn, spend some time at Punderson State Park, or go visit some of the more oddball local attractions, like the world's largest cuckoo clock, the funeral museum, or the gas pump museum. Remember, though, whatever you do you need to bring cash, Amish communities take the whole ‘no electricity’ thing pretty seriously, meaning no cards can be run while shopping!