Angell & Phelps Chocolate Factory

anp storefrontThe Angell & Phelps Chocolate Factory is located in downtown Daytona Beach, Florida. The company was established in 1925. The location offers a free group tour of the factory. Your student group will also get the chance to purchase some delectable gourmet chocolate treats during the visit. During the tour, students will look through the cottage windows and view professional candy makers making chocolate the old fashioned way. Tours are 20 minutes in length. At the conclusion of the tour, the student group will receive a free sample of chocolate.

Are the students searching for the perfect chocolate souvenir for a family member or a friend? If so, Angell & Phelps offers a variety of options. These options include: a Chocolate Dolphin, a Chocolate Flip Flop Pop, a Chocolate Foot, a Chocolate Mini Gator, a Chocolate Palm Tree, a Chocolate Star Fish, and a Daytona Beach Chocolate Bar. The Chocolate Foot is molded out of their rich, creamy chocolate and then they accent the toes to give it more appeal. The words Daytona Beach are handwritten in white chocolate. There are several other categories of chocolate to explore. Categories include the following: Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Gourmet Fudge, Boxed Chocolates, Sugar Free Chocolate, Gourmet Snack Candy, and Chocolate Messages. Come with your student group and visit this sweet attraction!