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The Black Hills are rolling with natural beauty, exciting learning opportunities, and serious fun, making it the perfect destination for your student group!

The Black Hills themselves are one of a kind landmark experience, the mountain range the area is centered around a small, isolated one rising from the Great Plains and extending into Wyoming.

We have broken this page up into three main categories that fit our three main destinations around the Black Hills area: Black Hills National Forest, Badlands, and Deadwood.

    • The Black Hills - The piece de resistance of the area is the Black Hills National Forest, the southwestern South Dakota spot that spans over 5 million acres. Timeless forest land and mountain ranges spread in every direction, the entire region known as an 'oasis in a sea of prairie'. The history here, though short and turbulent, is interesting for any group, covering Sioux and Lakota tribal traditions, the fur trade era, and the homesteading gold rush. From Mt. Rushmore to Custer State Park, wild west encounters to soaring adventures, the Black Hills will entertain and educate your group through and through.

      Attractions: Mt. Rushmore, Custer State Park, Wind Cave, Rushmore Cave, Lake Pactola, Alpine Inn, Crazy Horse


    • Badlands - Though not technically within the Black Hills, we consider the Badlands in with the mix all the same! Just a bit east of the Hills, the Badlands offer an 'otherworldly' geological variety, the landscape sprayed with cliffs, canyons, and buttes. The views here are absolutely one of a kind, so be sure to bring your camera! You will also want to bring your hiking boots, as this spot is chalk full of park trails, hiking paths, and backcountry fun. Take a scenic drive, explore the wilderness, or maybe even camp amongst the local wildlife while here! There are seven different towns within the area, one of our favorites to send student groups being Wall, home of the famous Wall Drug Store.

      Attractions: Wall, Ben Reifel Visitor Center, Badlands


  • Deadwood - Historic Deadwood is one of the most immersively educational cities to stop in during your Black Hills visit, the entire area a step back in time to the Wild Wild West. Experience the legends of Lakota tribes, gold mines, and serious saloons while here, several attractions within built to both entertain and educate. Learn about the dead tree namesakes in the gulches, the American Indian roots of the city, and about Wild Bill Hickock and his incident while here, we guarantee you will want to come back again!

    Attractions: Tatanka, Broken Boot Gold Mine, Historic Main Street, Saloon No. 10, Days of '76 Museum, Adams House and Museum

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