Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

Photos by Jeffrey F. Bill

The Baltimore Zoo is fun and exciting for guests of all ages offering behind-the-scenes tours to interested student groups, guest services, and also delicious food and refreshments for those long, hot touring days of exploring.

The Maryland Zoo is home to incredible species of animals from all over the world. Tour the lovely park and see amazing creatures from Africa, Asia, South America, Australia and North America. Find yourselves face to face with giant African elephants, lions and leopards, chimpanzees, warthogs, lemurs, bats, pythons, rattlesnakes and more! There's no limit to how much fun you can have at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.

This educational and research oriented zoological park hosts a number of animals experiences to provide greater learning and appreciation in the zoo visitors. One follows the goings on in the Giraffe House which contains Maryland Zoo's herd of reticulated giraffe, as well as okapi. Students can choose tours of the Giraffe House and will be able to walk through the keeper area and also spend time visiting and possibly feeding the animals through the many viewing windows. Keepers will give an explanation of how the animals are managed and cared for, what makes the species special and unique, and their status in the wild. Polar Bear Watch is home to polar bears, ravens, arctic foxes, and snowy owls. During this encounter, the student group will walk through the polar bear building and look at the kitchen and food preparation area, the video surveillance stations, and the bear dens. The keepers will explain how the animals are managed and cared for, and their status in the wild. Other animal interactions include penguin feeding, goat grooming, chimp keeper chats, and many others!