Bayou Pierre Alligator Park

Southern Louisiana is home to some of the most deadly American animals, the American Alligator. Bayou Pierre Alligator Park is a seven-acre park and preserve devoted to this majestic reptile. Tour the park on boardwalks and watch the hourly feeding shows or even feed the gators yourself, touch them, or pose for a picture with the help of a keeper.

The park is sectioned into exhibits such as the Reptile Habitat, an aviary, Turtle Town, and the Rocky Raccoon Resort, a village made for raccoons. Walk through the tiny town built to half scale where you can feed the pigmy goats, miniature horses, or peer at the peacocks inside the small buildings. Watch the feeding show Castaway Island as two keepers feed the hungry alligators from a Cajun houseboat as it sits seemingly stranded in open water. The Alligator Island Show is also a popular attraction to see a demonstration of the alligator farming industry and conservation programs designed to help save the American Alligator.

When you get too hot walking through the bayou, step inside the air-conditioned game room for some air hockey and arcade games. Gator Bites Snack Shop is the logical destination after a hard day’s touring to try some alligator meat dishes, crawfish, and other authentic Cajun cuisine. Before you leave, be sure to stop by the gift shop to take a picture with the 12 foot stuffed alligator, pick up an alligator wallet, or a souvenir shirt.

It’s fun for all ages! The Alligator Park has everything your group could want in a wildlife preserve from exciting shows to interactive feeding areas and up-close encounters. For a fun day touring Louisiana’s wildlife and experiencing the true Cajun “joie de vivre,” bring your group down to Bayou Pierre Alligator Park.