Salem Witch Museum

Credit: Salem Witch Museum

Credit: Salem Witch Museum

Discover the drama and terrible thrill of America’s most phenomenal spectacle of magic and the dark side of power, the Salem witch hunts. Travel back to the Massachusetts of 1692 when the United States was but a distant dream and Puritan culture reigned supreme in the New World. The Salem Witch Museum in Boston presents this tragic and fascinating era of history in a new and illuminating light.

Visit the exhibits illustrating how perceptions of witchcraft have evolved over the centuries, marvel at the artifacts and art as the guides expertly lead you through history. Experience the interactive displays that unveil the true history and sad revelations that the Salem witch trials left behind. Feel sympathy for the people accused and judged wrongfully, experience the tingle of fear as the wax sculptures of the accusers and chief magistrate stare at you as you pass by as if you were on trial yourself. The daily tours lead you through the timeline of events from the original accusation to modern day social parallels such as the McCarthy hearings of the 1950s.

This museum, like many other destinations in Boston, is a wonderful education opportunity for any age group. The Salem Witch Museum was named one of the top five destinations for groups in the Boston area. School groups receive a comprehensive tour with in-depth presentations by informative and highly knowledgeable guides. However, any group larger than ten qualifies and may make reservations for similarly comprehensive tours. Multilingual services are available for museum tours in eight different languages if staff is given advanced notice.

New England abounds with fascinating history as our nation’s birthplace. The Salem Witch Trials are a riveting bit of history that continues to astound history buffs and interested citizens alike. Whatever the cause of the 1692 tragedy, this beautifully kept and masterfully curated museum is a top notch visit for your group to put on the itinerary.