Burritt on the Mountain

Established as Huntsville’s first museum in 1955, Burritt on the Mountain’s original building was the home of Dr. William Henry Burritt. The property also features the Historic Park. Step back in time as we interpret the past by showcasing aspects of farm life from 1810 to 1900. Our interpreters, dressed in period clothing, recreate farm life as you become involved with demonstrations and hands-on activities. Our barnyard is another favorite feature. You’ll feel as if the animals are welcoming you as you enter the barnyard.


Castles of Cumberland:
Visit some early American “castles” of the Cumberland region. These five different styles of original log structures are furnished with authentic relics and reproductions.

What Lies Above:
Hike the nature trails and discover the ocean plants and animals from millions of years ago.  You will see unique fossils, rocks and minerals. Discover native plants and wildlife as you hike. Some trails are handicap accessible.

Burritt and His “Green” Home:
Dr. Burritt’s home displays many features that were unique to his day. The straw bale insulation he used is recommended for “green buildings” today. Even the shape of the house is unique but built for a function.