Cedar Point



Cedar Point

When you take a trip to Cleveland, you should consider spending some time at Cedar Point, the local amusement park known as the 'roller coaster capital of the world'. This amusement park is considered to be the 2nd oldest in the nation, opened in 1870 here on the Lake Erie Peninsula. Guests can enjoy the 18 exhilarating thrill rides, 2 water rides, and several other family-friendly attractions. Cedar Point also offers quality cuisine for you during your visit, as well.

The park is a total of 365 acres, filled with several thrilling coasters for you to enjoy. One of the most popular thrill rides is known as Millennium Force. It is a ride that reaches an exhilarating speed of 93 MPH. The first hill of the ride features an elevator cable lift system that will get riders to the top faster and then there is an 80-degree drop that will start the coaster ride of your life. Another fun coaster is known as the Gemini. Guests will be in either a blue or red car and enjoy a thrilling race. Riders will experience twists, turns, airtime, and then a big finish at the end of the ride. You will reach a thrilling speed of 60 MPH.

Cedar Point also includes a waterpark which is known as Soak City. One of the highlight water attractions is known as the Zoom Flume. Visitors will sit in a large inner tube that slides down the chute. You will encounter turns and unexpected dips. There are other fun rides including Eerie Falls, Dragster H2O, and the Water Slides.