Chelsea Market


Start your second day off with a breakfast at Chelsea Market, the indoor marketplace that many people consider to be ‘one of the greatest indoor food halls of the world’. Chelsea Market is a one block long and one block wide food hall, shopping mall, office building, and television production facility all in one, sitting in the Chelsea Neighborhood of NYC, a borough of Manhattan to be more specific, along 9th Avenue. This establishment opened as Chelsea Market in 1997 but has had quite the long-standing history of marketing in this exact area, from the Algonquin Indians trading here to the High Line Railroad and booming Biscuit Factory in the early 20th Century. With all this amazing history, gorgeous brick architecture, and over 6 million national and international guests a year, it is really easy to see why this attraction is also considered to be ‘one of the most trafficked and written about destinations in New York City’.

If you are planning to see it all here in Chelsea Market be sure to wear good walking shoes, bring a good chunk of cash, and a really empty stomach. There are over 35 vendors lining the halls of this marketplace, selling everything from ‘cheese and cheesecake to soup and nuts’. This is truly the perfect place to grab a delicious and fresh breakfast, be it a sit-down big brunch or a quick grab-n-go fuel up, you can even find fresh produce and meats for a picnic later (this is a highly suggested option if you want more time to enjoy the fashion districts later). For the best breakfast foods, we suggest Sarabeth's or Davidovich, though for lunchtime foods Los Tacos Numer One and The Lobster Pound are highly popular, and for good reason! (Lucy Whey’s Artisinal Cheese is our personal choice for favorite!)