Cleveland Botanical Garden

Cleveland_Botanical_GardensStop by the Cleveland Botanical Garden for breathtaking gardens and an exotic Glasshouse full of international blooms, perfectly landscaped gardens and a tranquil setting. The location also hosts special events year-round for guests to enjoy and is a quiet relaxing environment for visitors of all ages.

The Cleveland Botanical Garden has ten acres of spectacular outdoor gardens including the Campsey-Stauffer Gateway Garden, the first garden you will see upon arrival. A colorful haven with several plants, you will see ornamental trees, shrubs, and hardy perennials. The garden has seasonal plants including brilliant bulbs in spring, beautiful annuals in summer, and extravagantly colored fall foliage.

Upon entering the Elizabeth and Nona Evans Restorative Garden, your senses will tingle as you listen to the trickling sounds of water. Enjoy the soft touch of the mosses or sedum ClevelandBotanicalGardenMusicTheme1and take in the scents of lavender, mint, and geranium. Guests will see a selection of flowers, trees, and shrubs, enjoying their heady fragrances, eye-popping colors, and interesting textures.

At the Cleveland Botanical Garden, visitors can explore the Eleanor Armstrong Smith Glasshouse as part of the experience. Offering a year-round escape to the fantastic spiny desert of Madagascar as well as the butterfly-filled rainforest of Costa Rica, guests will find some of the strangest plants such as upside down baobabs, bottle-shape patchy podiums, and a colossal fig. You will also see butterflies, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. They will flutter, climb, and crawl through their beautiful naturalistic habitats.