Coventry Village

Coventry Village is the premier location for shopping, dining, and fun-loving hippies in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. This diverse community is full of eclectic eateries and shops that cater to every personality type, both the young and old, the peaceful or the punk! People watching is a highly popular activity in this area, with the opportunity to see every type of person from a purple-haired rocker to an elderly Russian immigrant. Cultural education can be found on every corner in this neighborhood! Stroll around these streets and you’ll find art supplies, vintage toys, books, Birkenstock's, coffee shops galore, and a wide selection of vegetarian food!

This unique location can be comparable to Main Street U.S.A. one minute, then turn into a quiet college town perfect for a field trip the next. In the mornings Coventry Village is known for their amazing and healthy breakfasts, bookstore shopping, and dog walking opportunities along the street. The afternoon brings the lunch and shopping hustle and bustle, and the evenings are full of music, entertainment, and more fine dining than before! Though known to be a widely used "hippy convention center," this shopping and dining district is the perfect location for any local or tourist who wants to have a unique vacation or shopping experience!  Nightly activities in this community are always interesting and upbeat and currently include open mic nights, Peace Park poetry readings, or Indian style belly dancing classes! Your group will love the fun themed niche shops, just be sure to bring a camera to catch a wacky Coventry Village moment on film!

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