Detroit Historical Museum

Welcome to one of the best places to learn all about Detroit’s past, the Detroit Historical Museum. This Detroit Cultural Center star is located along Woodward Avenue, within the Historical District of Midtown. First established in 1928, this museum has been attracting guests from far and wide interested in learning about one of America’s greatest cities, both industry and culture wise. The museum features interactive and revolving exhibits on Detroit city history and offers one of our personal favorite features: free admission. The museum is open Tuesday - Friday 9:30 am to 4 pm, 10 am - 5 pm on the weekends. While we think everyone in your group will appreciate the stop for its interactive regional history, it seems that younger kids tend to like this attraction a lot more than others, able to learn about transportation and industry in very hands-on ways.

Inside you and your group will see such essential Detroit exhibits as the recreated streets of Detroit, an extensive Underground Railroad exhibit, a Kid Rock exhibit, Gallery of Innovation, Arsenal of Democracy, and one of the most unique and beloved local exhibits, American Motor City. There are several different ‘engaging Field Trip experiences’ here offered to grades 2-12, each experience meeting the state social studies standards very nicely. Take a tour, enjoy a program, or get busy in a workshop, just make sure you give the museum a 2 week in advance notice before planning any further. For every 10 students, you book on one of these extras, you get one adult free! Take the Historical Perspectives Tour, a 90-minute educational experience discussing geological, economical, and cultural development. There is also the StoryLiving program, Historic Detective Game, and Trading Posts and Animal Pelts workshop. Be sure to check if there are any community or special events happening during your visit, common events including films, lectures, and tours.