Erie County Botanical Gardens

Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens  020When your student group is visiting the Buffalo area, you should stop by and check out the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens. The location was created from the visions of extraordinary men and was established in 1900, remaining continuously dedicated to advancing an appreciation for and knowledge of plant life and its connection to people and cultures. Your student group will have the opportunity to examine a living plant collection and check out fascinating exhibits in a national historic site and is a popular tourist destination perfect for guests of all ages.

At the Buffalo Botanical Gardens, the pupils will find a variety of plants and exhibits such as the Tropical Plants House. At the exhibit, the group will find amazing flowering tropical plants and a vine-covered gazebo. This is a great place to relax and play a game of checkers or you could continue the journey to the Panama Cloud Forest. This location is where group members will experience what is like to live 200 feet above the rainforest floor. You will see exotic orchids, bromeliads, and varieties of tillandsia at the exhibit.

Buffalo Botanical Gardens offers its visitors a variety of entertaining activities. If you have students in grades 3-5, they can enjoy an activity known as "Plants We Grow." Group members will build an understanding of the specific jobs of the parts of the plant as they do things such as dissect flowers, propagate plants, and complete a plant part identity challenge game. For pupils in grades 6-8, the "Not a Drop to Drink" activity focuses on water usage and the necessity to protect America’s waters.