Famous PEOPLE Players

Famous People Players

Welcome to the 'World Renowned Blacklight Theatre' troupe, the Famous PEOPLE Players!

Over 2 million visitors and students have already experienced what is considered to be North America's only Glow in the Dark Dine and Dream Dinner, the entire experience combining a fantastic show and a fantastic meal into one really fantastic evening! Your group will enjoy 3 different acts:

  • Act 1: A delicious dinner by celebrity chef Christopher Woods, featuring 3 courses.
  • Act 2: The actual show in the Phil Collins Theater.
  • Act 3: Desert and coffee with the cast.

So what is so special about this show? Each of the highly talented cast members has a mental or physical disability of some sort, and are working to hone their acting and life skills. The kitchen also features previous actors within the show that are looking to further expand their life skills and experience.

We really like this theater option for students in particular because this experience 'teaches kids of all agest ot push beyond any limits they may perceive having and to rise to the best of their true selves'.

"I learnt what a true entrepreneur is at Famous PEOPLE Players reach for your dream workshop." – Cathy Grade 12