Federal Reserve Visitor Center

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The Federal Reserve Visitor Center is located in Chicago, Illinois. Students can take part in educational programs and visit the Money Museum. The Federal Reserve Bank is one of 12 regional reserve banks in the United States. The Money Museum exhibits are appropriate for students in junior high and beyond. Featured exhibits include: Inflation, Historical Currency, Counterfeiting, the Million Dollar Suitcase, the Million Dollar Cube, and Fed Shreds. The Million Dollar Suitcase is an interesting display where students can have a free photo opportunity. They can touch the handle and see what a million dollars in 100 dollar bills. The Counterfeiting exhibit is where you will learn the difference between a real bill and a counterfeit one. The bank examines several bills each day. The Federal Reserve offers guided visits of the museum. They will take 30-minutes. Features include the following: a presentation, detailed information about the Money Museum, a short video about the Chicago Fed, and a question and answer session after the video. The presentation at the beginning is about the functions and responsibilities of the Federal Reserve System and the Chicago Fed. Come with your student group to this fascinating museum!