Ford Field

Welcome to Ford Field, the busy multi-purpose sports stadium located in downtown Detroit, famously owned by the Wayne County Stadium Authority. This popular Brush Street attraction is home to the NFL Lions (NFC North) and has seen several successful football games since opening in 2002, as well as several more eager football fans, the stadium holding about 65k guests comfortably. At this ‘premier family entertainment destination’ you and your group could enjoy a Behind-the-Scenes NFL Tour, Public Walk-Up Tour, or take a look at the onsite 1920’s era warehouse (attached to the stadium). The stadium’s commitment to providing unparalleled service shows in its 1.85 million square feet and four total levels of concessions and sporting fun, the entire stadium providing ‘unique and exciting experiences in fun, family friendly environment.’

As mentioned above, while at the stadium you will have the unique opportunity to visit Hudson Warehouse, the historical warehouse that puts the past and the future of Detroit all in one location. The innovative architecture of the stadium was designed to incorporate this pre-existing site infrastructure, the warehouse itself holding a 7-story atrium. You will get to explore this with the NFL tour, as well as the NFL Locker Room, Tunnel, Turf and field, the tour lasting an hour and starting at Gate A or Gate G (limit 25 people per tour group). The public walk-up tours happen at 11 am and 1 pm (in January) as long as it isn’t a game day. There is really no better way for sports fans to spend a few hours in Detroit than being at the home of the Lions, Super Bowl XL, and the 2009 NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four!