300x300 elvis house frontStudent groups on Memphis holiday will want to join the 600,000+ adoring fans annually making the big-daddy of all celebrity pilgrimages to 3764 Elvis Presley Boulevard, passing through those hallowed, music-booked-shaped gates and onto the perfectly preserved and maintained 13.8 acre estate at Graceland, top tourist attraction in all of Memphis and place the beloved humanitarian, movie star and King of Rock and Roll called home, sweet home for more than 20 years; a stop by this favorite celebrity home is an absolute must on any quintessential Blues City getaway. Guests enjoy audio-guided tours of the mansion featuring charming commentary and stories by Elvis and his daughter, Lisa Marie; they see where Elvis worked, played, ate, slept and spent quality time with his family and friends on a very personal look inside his home, with peeks into each lovingly, elaborately decorated room, furnished in his signature extravagant style. You will visit the notorious Jungle Room, which Elvis turned into a home recording studio, the Trophy Building, actually an enclosed area of the home, where a magnificent collection of gold and platinum records, as well as a cache of wonderful memorabilia from Elvis’ early career, movies, charitable endeavors and more reside, and the Racketball Building in the backyard, where a few of the King’s iconic custom jumpsuits and an an impressive array of posthumous awards are displayed, affording guests a privileged peek at a superstar legacy of celebrated recognition that continues to this day. You’ll love seeing the fleet of vehicles Elvis owned at the time of his passing-especially the gorgeous Pink Cadillac he bought for his sweet Mama, his purple Caddy Convertible, his Stutz Blackhawk and the flashy Red MG he drove in 1961’s romantic musical comedy hit, “Blue Hawaii.” Finally, an important and moving stop on every Graceland Tour: the Meditation Garden, rumored to have been Elvis’ favorite place on the Estate, where he would go in troubled times to seek peaceful refuge, and where he and several family members have been laid to rest; yearly processions on the eve of his death have attracted as many as 40,000 visitors arriving to pay special homage as they file through the Garden and past the grave of the beloved and undisputed King of Rock and Roll. Even if you aren’t a fan and can neither name, nor hum a single note of one Elvis hit, you cannot help but come away from a tour of Graceland with a little reverent awe of the movie star, musical legend and real man; Graceland welcomes you with open arms!