Great Lakes Science Center

Clevelands_Great_Lakes_Science_CenterGet ready to spend some time checking out one of the most educational and entertaining spots in Cleveland, the Great Lakes Science Center. here visitors will get to see hundreds of fascinating hands-on exhibits, enjoy live scientific demonstrations, visit the NASA Glenn Visitor Center, and climb aboard a historic Great Lakes freighter. It's like an amusement park for the mind! Guests of all ages will have a great experience at this popular attraction.

The interactive hands-on exhibits at the Great Lakes Science Center are both entertaining and educational. One of the exhibit areas is known as the Polymer Funhouse. Children seven and younger will have a blast at this attraction. Kids can do things such as climb, slide, bounce, build, hop, and play with polymers. Guests will find polymers that are stretchy, slimy, squishy, slippery, sticky, and bouncy. Another fun exhibit area is known as the NASA Glenn Visitor Center. This is a place where visitors will find fascinating galleries, interactive exhibits, interesting artifacts, and stunning NASA media. You can check out the Skylab three Apollo Command Module. Guests can experience a multi-media trip where they will learn about landmark moments in space history. You will also get to check out a real moon rock from Apollo 15!

The Great Lakes Science Center hosts science demonstrations for visitors to enjoy, as well. One of the shows is known as Strange Science. At the program, you will see a giant oil drum get crushed, watch as a staff member gets onto a bed of nails, and check out a Mentos and Diet Coke explosion. There are other shows including CryoBlast, Electric Madness, and Liftoff. There are also special space programs and events hosted at the location.