Greater Cleveland Aquarium

Craving some underwater adventure? Head to the Greater Cleveland Aquarium, the top aquatic spot in town where you can check out the galleries, take part in fun activities, and learn about the aquatic life through educational programs. The location also hosts special events annually. Students of all ages are sure to enjoy this entertaining and popular destination.

The Greater Cleveland Aquarium has several fascinating galleries for guests to explore. Tutle-Columbus-ZooOne of the galleries is known as the Ohio Lakes and Rivers gallery. The gallery features several species of fish that are native to Lake Erie and other lakes in the area. You will find fish such as catfish, shiners, and bass. As you walk through the exhibits you will hear the splash of waterfalls, birds chirping, the hoots of owls, and smell the moss of the forest. It is the opening gallery in the aquarium. Another fun gallery is known as the Discovery Zone gallery. At the gallery, visitors will be educated on the effects of pollution. One of the exhibits in the area features the moon jellyfish display. You will have the opportunity to learn about their life stages, from polyps to fully grown jellies. You can also watch them glow in the dark.

There is another highly popular exhibit area you'll want to visit before you go, which is known as the Shark SeaTube gallery. The gallery is home to four different species of sharks and an amazing variety of aquatic life. The area also includes a 175-foot underwater sea tube. Guests will enjoy its natural beauty along with amazing architecture while observing various species. You will see aquatic life including sharks, moray eels, groupers, and stingrays.