Greenfield Village

Welcome to Greenfield Village, an offshoot of The Henry Ford, a particular section of it that continuously draws in its own eager crowds. Greenfield Village is a living community that promotes America’s ‘passion and ingenuity’ displaying everything from working farms from America's past to some of our countries meanest Model T’s. You can explore the cycle shop in which the Wright Brothers took flight, take a spin through Edison’s light-filled lab, or even visit the spot where most of Lincoln’s law was written. There are a total of 83 different authentic structures within the 80 acres here, the entire site dedicated to the ‘sights, sounds, and senses of 300 years of American Life’.

This truly is one massive outdoor museum, therefore to make it a little more navigable it is broken into 7 different historic districts througout the site. There are several different eateries, such as the Eagle Tavern or Bennet Sweets, both of which aim to give you a little ‘taste of the past’. Be sure to check and see if there are any special events happening during your visit, some really beloved ones including the Railroaders Breakfast, Day out with Thomas, or Sensory Friendly Saturdays, one of our favorites by Greenfield that allows individuals with sensory sensitive tendencies to enjoy a fun, educational, and safe day out.  Did we mention you will get to walk through the room Webster wrote his first dictionary and sit in the first car Henry Ford ever owned? This is truly one entertaining stop!