Heifer Village


Welcome to Heifer Village, the 70-year-old organization (Heifer International) that has helped over 7 million families in over 125 countries become more self sufficient and well-fed! This life-saving enterprise began in 1944 with a man named Dan West, a Midwest farmer who stood at the front line of the Spanish Civil War to help provide relief but quickly realized that one cup of milk per day as was rationed to the refugees was simply not enough. He soon adopted the "teach a man to fish" philosophy and decided that a whole cow would be better than a cup of milk, changing hunger and poverty into hope and prosperity within an instant! The goal of his company is to work with communities to end world hunger and poverty and to care for the Earth along the way.

While here at the Heifer Headquarters your group can take a self guided tour of the grounds or take a 30 minute guided tour that discusses the company's past, present, and future, as well as their on site green building that has changed a former industrial waste site into a thriving wetland habitat. This hands-on-global facility features interactive exhibits that provide stimulating and challenging educational experiences, mainly focused around horticulture, agriculture, and science and technology around the world. Learn about how these heifers are not handouts, but sustainable agricultural and commerce items that allow the families to "Pass the Gift" themselves, helping similar families get out of food-related debt and into more sustainable ways of living! You can also check out the Cafe@Heifer or Store@Heifer for your complete Heifer Village experience!