Holocaust Museum

HolocaustMusAug13.10Student groups exploring the St. Louis area will want to take the time to visit the Holocaust Museum and Learning Center opened there in May of 1955, an important manifestation of the hopeful vision and generosity of community leaders and Holocaust Survivors. The Museum’s 5,000 square foot core exhibition presents a fascinating-yet-chilling chronological history of the Holocaust with incredible personal accounts of survivors who escaped/emigrated to St. Louis. A variety of moving displays including authentic photographs, artifacts, text panels and audio-visuals provide guests insight into the terrible rise of Nazism, Jewish life in Europe before - and after- the Holocaust as well as post-war events.

The HMLC also houses a comprehensive video library featuring over 500 titles and an oral history project with more than 150 testimonies available to educators and the public, alike, and an excellent range of relevant works can be found at the bookstore. The peaceful “Garden of Remembrance” outside the Museum allows guests time for quiet contemplation and reflection.