Honey Island Swamp Tour

Honey Island Swamp Tours take you and your group on a ride through the bayou to see Louisiana's natural flora and fauna. The tour's small boats allow for deeper access into the swamp to see more wildlife, some of which may be dangerous. The narrated tour is led by licensed professionals who are personally knowledgeable in the wildlife of Southern Louisiana. Accommodating and full of hospitality, the Honey Island Swamp Tour company will even offer transportation to and from New Orleans with beautiful scenery and interesting narration.

The daily tours last approximately two hours and can be customized for small groups to include focuses on birding, special occasions like birthdays and other parties, and evening tours. Groups big and small will enjoy just how wild and untouched the Louisiana wilderness can really be. Some of the wildlife you may see on a tour includes alligators, ospreys, bald eagles, otters, herons, beavers, minks, and feral hogs among many others both residential and migratory. The tour guides, who are from Southern Louisiana, are very knowledgeable about the local ecology and landscape of Honey Island.

Honey Island Swamp is also a popular sightseeing destination for the elusive Bigfoot! Stories have been told by local fishermen about catching sight of this legendary cryptid wandering through the trees like a giant, bipedal ape. Dr. Wagner, the company’s proprietor, does not confirm or deny Bigfoot’s existence but he does advise you to be aware of the possibility that something could live well-hidden deep within the bayou.

The tours are both educational and interesting, expertly guided through the swamp with the thrilling possibility of seeing Bigfoot and the near certainty of passing inches from deadly alligators. While your group is in New Orleans, head on down to the bayou to experience the feral yet beautiful landscape of Louisiana.