Manhattan Beach

On a hot summer day in California, you may find the beach calling your name. When that happens, look to Manhattan Beach, a small beach-front community just outside of Los Angeles proper. Everyone in your group will love cooling off and have fun sunbathing on the white sands and swimming in the brilliant blue waters of the Pacific ocean.

This public beach is the perfect attraction for groups large and small. Swim, surf, splash your neighbors, or snorkel for a chance to see some elusive wildlife. Play volleyball, build a sand castle, bring some playing cards along to play poker in the sun, or just lay back and enjoy the nice day with your groupmates. If you enjoy biking or jogging, the South Bay Bicycle Trail is a pedestrian-only paved path through the beach so you may enjoy the exercise and the view.

Manhattan Beach not only has one of the most beautiful beaches in Los Angeles but the small town also offers visitors the Roundhouse Marine Lab and Aquarium, the kid-friendly entertainment AdventurePlex, Sand Dune Park, and a myriad of shops, events, and dining options. Stay in a hotel or rental along the beachfront to maximize your Manhattan Beach experience and try one of the top-rated restaurants like Manhattan Beach Post or Rock’N Fish. Spend a day on the beach, surf, toss the volleyball back and forth, then head over to one of the seven spas in town or take a relaxing walk along the pier.

The best part of this destination, aside from the sparkling sands and crystal blue water, is that everyone in your group is bound to have fun. There’s plenty to do in the small coastal community of Manhattan Beach but your group may not want to leave the sands of the town’s most popular attraction.