Medieval Times Dallas

Where else can you visit an 11th century Spanish castle but in Dallas? Be entertained by the court proceedings, watch as romance and drama unfold before your very eyes, and feel the thrill of watching live jousting matches between fully clad knights! There's nothing like Medieval Times and your student group, no matter their ages, will love this entertaining attraction.

Walk through the drawbridge and into the ivory stone castle, complete with turrets and banners, into the most regal and fascinating history lesson of your life. Immediately find yourself face to face with knights, princesses and kings, and don't forget the animals. Live animal performances are key to this wonderful show and you're guaranteed to see the magnificent trained horses, Pure Spanish Horses to be exact, bred and trained at Chapel Creek Ranch in Singer, Texas. This is the same breed of horses used in 11th century Spain by royalty, which completes the picture of this royal court in Dallas. You'll also be able to see a falconry show as the trained raptors fly over your heads and back to their master.

While you're taking all of this in, enjoy a four course meal. What's even more interesting is that the entire meal is eaten without utensils! Take in the aromas of oven roasted chicken, garlic bread and soup, potatoes and sweet corn, pastries and other desserts as the court staff bring your delicacies to the royal feast. There are vegetarian options as well.

Groups and parties are more than welcome to enjoy the show. Whether it's simply a fun outing or a birthday party or even a scout troop outing, Medieval Times has you covered!