Missouri History Museum

Located in beautiful Forest Park, the Missouri History Museum is dedicated to preserving and educating the public on the lives and histories of those who called St. Louis home. Ideal for adult groups and field trips alike, the Missouri History Museum combines interactive technological displays with artwork, historic artifacts, documents, and photographs to create a comprehensive and true look at Missouri through time.

The museum encourages learning through permanent and temporary exhibitions like Seeking St. Louis, a continuing exhibit that looks at more than 200 years of St. Louis history through interactive exhibits, photographs, and dioramas. The 1904 World’s Fair: Looking Back at Looking Forward is a permanent exhibit on the famous World’s Fair that was held in St. Louis in Forest Park over a hundred years ago. This fascinating piece of time represents the industrial and commercial golden age of St. Louis as memorialized in Judy Garland’s famous movie Meet Me in St. Louie.

Temporary exhibits range in topic from the Power of Nazi Propaganda to traditional mourning attire for grieving women, St. Louis coffee, and more.

History Clubhouse, a learning center for children, is now open daily from 10 am-4 pm at the museum. The children’s section was designed in conjunction with local families that desired a place for their children to learn about history and foster education in the community. Added to the interactive galleries, the children will also benefit from scheduled story time and events through Family Nights.

General admission for the Missouri History Museum is free though there are some galleries that charge admission. The Missouri History Museum is open Wednesday-Monday from 10 am-5 pm and from 10 am-8 pm on Tuesdays. They are open longer on certain days for Fair St. Louis as well.