Nela Park

Nela_Park_Building_307Welcome to historic Nela park, home of Cleveland’s very own GE Lighting Institute. Founded in 1933, this establishment was the very first of its kind in the world, devoted purely to the education and teaching of lighting. This unique branch of knowledge is a particularly important one, with new challenges with energy and environmental management which require immediate solutions popping up every day. The company, GE (General Electric)purchased an abandoned vineyard seven miles outside of the city of Cleveland in 1911, immediately beginning construction for Nela Park, the very first Industrial Park in the world. In 1975, this entire 92-acre property was officially listed as a Historic Place on the National Register.

GE holds the highest quality latest technologies, driving serious efficiencies and profitability. Over 4,000 guests per year visit the institute, being able to participate actively in hands-on demos and simulations involving lighting, energy, and electricity. This truly is the perfect stop for a class field trip, allowing your group to experience both education and unique entertainment. Spend plenty of time here and become active participants in workshops, discussions, and onsite tours. One of the biggest draws to the area, outside of the educational extras? Each holiday season, mainly through the month of December, you can come look at over 500,000 LED Christmas lights on display, complete with an exact replica of the White House Christmas Tree put up by GE.