New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum

Located in the historic and exciting French Quarter near Bourbon Street is the small but authentic New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum. Dedicated to preserving the voodoo culture that has been a part of New Orleans since its founding in the 1700s, the owner and employees are all passionate about the history of this unusual religion. Though it is only two rooms, this small museum is full from floor to ceiling with authentic voodoo artifacts from past and present practitioners.

Altars, voodoo dolls, human skulls, gris-gris charts, tribal masks, Marie Laveau’s kneeling bench, and a voodoo priest with his boa around his neck standing behind the counter are but some of the things you will see on a visit to the Voodoo Museum. Spell books, practitioner tools, and a zombie whip used to control the living dead sit along the shelves and on the walls.

New Orleans was influenced by the rare combination of cultures from France, Native Americans, Haiti, and Spain, and because of this, it has been referred to as a Caribbean city more than an American city. Visit the museum that remains devoted to the religion of the famous voodoo priestess Marie Laveau and learn what voodoo really entails before you check out her tomb. Experience the unique New Orleans combination of disturbing history and excitement. Take a tour with one of the many companies in the area and learn even more about voodoo and the Historic Voodoo Museum or ask one of the museum employees your questions to get an insider’s perspective.

Whether or not your group believes in the power of voodoo, take a tour of this museum and discover the truth to this very real religion. Round out your trip to New Orleans with a spooky yet illuminating visit to the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum.