Penn Museum

Penn Museum

...One of the world’s great archaeology and anthropology research museums, and the largest university museum in the United States.

Welcome to the Penn Museum, the well-known museum of Archaeology and Anthropology that houses around 1 million different objects explaining the human story within the University of Pennsylvania campus. The entire collection held here gives your group insight into 'who we are and where we came from' through various collections, exhibits, and artifacts.

During your visit, your group will see such signature galleries as the Sphinx Gallery, Egypt Gallery, Africa Gallery, Canaan, China, and Etruscan Gallery. Each gallery holds pieces of art and various artifacts that show the diverse accomplishments of the people there. Everything from stone tools to household objects and fine art are displayed throughout, all objects found on various anthropological expeditions around the world.

Aside from the excellent educational artifacts inside, your group will also be able to admire the architecture of the building itself, one of the most famous features being the Harrison Rotunda. This is the largest unsupported masonry floor-dome in the world and is surrounded by gorgeous public gardens, sculptures by Alexander Stirling Calder, and a koi pond.

School groups have additional options during their visit for group lunches or breakfast, guided tours, interactive workshops, and various high school programs.