Sea Life Aquarium

Located at the interactive, family-friendly Crown Center, the Sea Life Aquarium is one of Kansas City’s top destinations for groups with children. Young and old alike will thoroughly enjoy seeing these beautiful marine creatures, learning about animals in the wild, and seeing conservation practices in action. Stop by the Sea Life Aquarium and learn more!

Whether you’re visiting as part of a school group trip, family reunion, or just a day trip, the Sea Life Aquarium has something for you. Fully interactive, this amazing aquarium brings you and nature together in a protected, colorful environment. Have fun learning about new species at the Interactive Rockpool where you can safely pick up crabs, touch a live starfish, and learn about sea squirts and more. Young children will enjoy the brand new Octonauts Zone featuring characters from the hit children’s show. Step on board the Gup-E, play a game with Peso, and more!

Like other aquariums, the Sea Life Aquarium is home to several amazing and fascinating species of animals. Blacktip reef sharks, Giant Pacific octopus, and cownose stingrays share tanks space with animals like starfish, jellyfish, seahorses, green sea turtles and more. Nature talks occur daily at the octopus tank, turtle tank, stingray tank, as well as an animated animal show for visitors to learn more about these wild creatures.

School groups, homeschool groups, and other group styles are welcome to participate in customized workshops and programs or download activity packets for the students to complete. Workshops are lead by professional staff members and can be based on a number of subjects including Oil Spill Cleanup, Coral Connections, Slip and Slime, and more.