Snorkeling at Laguna Madre Estuary

Welcome to the Laguna Madre Estuary, the gorgeous southern Texas spot where the Rio Grande enters the Gulf of Mexico. This large shallow body of water separates Padre Island from the southern Texas mainland is actually one of the largest hypersaline coastal lagoons in the world, ranked fourth largest out of six. The term hypersaline merely means that this body of water is saltier than seawater that flows in, meaning that it evaporates faster than fresh water flows in. Laguna Madre in particular is a negative estuary. This entire area is about 609 square miles, or 280, 910 acres, containing water that is on average about three feet deep, never more than five.

There are several different tropical fish within this area along the lower Texas coast and Mexican border, making it one of the best recreational fishing and snorkeling areas in the region. Spot different marine creatures, such as the sea turtles who like to come nibble the seagrass at the estuary beds, or perhaps a school of redfish, black drum, or spotted trout! This shallow area can be rather murky after storms, so be sure to stay alert for shark activity! Bring your snorkel gear, your camera, and your sense of adventure to have an amazing time!