St. Louis Cathedral

cathedral-457995_1920Welcome to the famous St. Louis Cathedral, or more formally the Cathedral-Basilica of Saint Louis, King of France (ca. 1794). This Roman Catholic structure is one of the oldest U.S. cathedrals still in use and provides members of the faith and wandering travelers alike with some of the most absolutely stunning architecture in the city and a glimpse into the Catholic Church. This establishment houses the current Archdiocese of New Orleans as well as some seriously stunning Renaissance and Spanish Colonial architecture, and design features exclusive only to grand spired 1700s style churches like this one. This minor basilica will amaze your group with the beauty of its stained glass, painted ceilings, and active local congregation.

As you will see, the building itself faces Jackson Square, providing yet another chance to connect and learn about the city’s interesting history. This building is the tallest and most imposing, in the best possible way, structure of the French Quarter and is also becoming the most recognizable by many. The St. Louis Cathedral’s famous triple steeples will beckon you into the onsite Convent Museum where you can learn about the history of this church, holy sacraments, and the development of local New Orleans Roman Catholic faith.

You can take a tour of the entire facility with your group, stroll around the magnificent halls on your own, or perhaps sit in on a service. Be sure to save a little time to visit the onsite church gift shop, filled to the brim with Holy Land gifts, baby gifts, spiritual keepsakes, medals, rosaries, and religious and historical books. Also be sure to check and see if there are any annual religious events or holidays taking place before your visit, touring may be limited.