Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site

theo rose buffaloWhile your student group is in the area of Niagara Falls, consider checking out the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Historic Site. The location preserves the Ansley Wilcox House where Theodore Roosevelt was inducted as the 26th President of the United States on September 14, 1901. Group members will gain knowledge and understand the historical events surrounding the inauguration and also learn about the significance of Roosevelt’s life with regard to his presidency.

In the course of the visit, you and your group mates will step back in time and into the world that Theodore Roosevelt knew through a new powerful, immersive experience of sight, sound and interaction. Visitors will walk where Roosevelt walked, learn about the challenges he faced, and get a glimpse into what it was like to lead our nation during such a pivotal time in its history.

The location has an extensive collection containing artifacts and documents related to Theodore Roosevelt, focusing on a variety of topics including Roosevelt’s inauguration and presidency, the assassination of President McKinley, the Pan-American Exposition, and the Wilcox family and their residence on 641 Delaware Ave.  The visit will begin in the Orientation Room where you will be immersed in the excitement of the Pan-American Exposition with sights and sounds from 1901. Students will have the opportunity to walk around the house as part of the experience as well as the opportunity to stand in the Library where Theodore Roosevelt took his oath of office.