Elmwood Park Zoo

The Elmwood Park Zoo is a small zoo located in Norristown, Pennsylvania, that plays host to over 300 different animals. This zoo began as a mere 16-acre land donation in 1924 by a local private landowner, along with a handful of white-tailed deer. Soon the land grew into an 80-acre zoo with over 100 different species of animals, all owned and operated by the Norristown Zoological Society. Here at Elmwood Park Zoo you and your group can participate in animal feedings, daily shows and pony rides, and general education about the 300 animals within, mostly all indigenous to the Americas. Elmwood sets out to kinder an ‘appreciation for wildlife and environment that will inspire active participation in conservation’ and is actually part of the only 225 institution's accreditation by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums in the United States.

While here your group will have the chance to go to such exhibits as the Grasslands Area, Olivia’s Eagle Canyon, South American Basin, Petting Barn, Bayou Wild Encounters, and so on. Go visit Noah the Eagle or Stella the Great Horned Owl, or perhaps even the Animal of the Month as you explore the various worlds of jaguars, howler monkeys, and big horned sheep. 16 of the species within are considered either threatened or endangered, such as the American Alligator, and ⅓ of the animals owned by the zoo are actually used for educational programs and courses about such matters. Elmwood is a highly community-involved institution that participates in conservation projects, zoo camps, scout programs, and even parties and weddings. Before you go you can grab a delicious bite to eat at the Treetop Cafe or any of the various concessions stands throughout, or head over to the Barn Store and Nature Shop for some souvenir shopping!