Vulcan Statue

5333922558_5c666e304f_bYou can’t miss this attraction while in Birmingham, this memorable site to be seen known as the Vulcan Statue. This statue is the largest cast iron statue in the entire world, as well as Birmingham’s unofficial city symbol. Sitting high atop Red Mountain, and by high we mean 56 feet high, to be exact, this outstanding piece of artwork is this region's ‘original iron man’, the highly recognizable depiction of a ‘burly, bearded, and bare bottomed’ man one of the most spectacular sites in the whole city. This amazing structure is patterned after the mythical Roman God of Forge, a symbol of the city’s powerful position in the iron industry plus its ever-present spark of industrious spirit.

Once here you and your group can enjoy some of the most amazing panoramic views in the entire region, the observation balcony here open for your viewing pleasure daily. Head to the top of the 56 foot statue and stare out at the scenic Red Mountain angles, this entire 100,000 pound iron creation giving you a view of Birmingham's past and present you've never have before. Besides just seeing the statue and the surrounding sights, your group will have to try to set back enough time to learn all about this work’s history, an exhibit made for the 1904 St. Louis World Fair, the official grand prize winner overall. There is an onsite museum with interactive exhibits and displays covering the region's history and progress, not to mention the almost endless amount of community events and school field trip days happening here. Enjoy workshops, camps, and clubs, plus an amazing viewing/public park opportunity in general during your visit.